Whatever the truth is whatever Alex decides to do about it I’m behind him. Why? because I am a true fan of the Evil Empire and support them with every keystroke I make. Nobody works harder than A-rod hes out there before everyone else and leaves after everyone. I usually hate ESPN writers and commentators and everything about them. Mainly because  ESPN should be named the Red Sox network, But Rob Neyer wrote a great piece that really relays how I feel about this whole thing. No matter what Arod is a great baseball player he works hard and nobody can dispute that. A bunch of Idiot writers out there are saying that the Yankees are regretting signing Alex to that huge contract .Still the greatestStill the greatest

even though they could not have predicted something as bad as this they knew that they were going to have to put up with allot of crap, but in turn they are getting the best player in baseball.