Ok so Alex used steroids in 2003. Why do we really care? I know I don’t. The results of that test were supposed to be confidential. There were 100 players that tested positive and the results were confidential by court order and to be used to set up an aggressive drug testing and enforcement policy. Those who have released this information to the vicious media are actually in violation of these court orders. This is why the liberal media is destroying this country and this beloved game that I so adore.  Yes Alex was wrong to take steroids in 2003 and now that some ****ho** has made this information public he needs to find a way to control the damage. I suggest he handles it like Jason Giambi and then starts a foundation to help keep young athletes away from drugs. This all happened in a time when tons of athletes were doing it. They new it was wrong but there was no education as to the side effects and no enforcement polices in place. If you think for one minute that none of the biggest names in baseball history had some of these same issues I would bet you are wrong. Hopefully this doesn’t become a circus and that Alex can win another MVP this year. but I fear that it will.