This is the guy you want in CF in 2010This is the guy you want in CF in 2010

One of my readers Mr. Brain Bramage brought up an interesting point in response to the potential Andrew Jones thing. He said ” Why isn’t Arron Rowand being considered” Well this is an excellent question and I will attempt to answer this according to what makes sense to me. Of course I’m not inside Hanks circle and Cashman doesn’t keep me on speed dial but it would seem to me that whomever plays in center this year is going to be a stop gap type player for one or two seasons while Jackson gets ready. (we will talk about him in a moment) But why not Rowand? Well, first of  he is expensive. In 2007 he   signed a 5 year 60 million dollar contract with the Giants.  Secondly I don’t think he would be available.  Unless the Giants make a serious run at Manny but I don’t think that will happen at his current contract demands. So the answer is simple , the Yankees need a short term answer for one or two seasons to prepare for Jackson.

Lets look at Jackson, he is the real deal. He has a long arcing swing with full extension, which could generate power once he grows into it. He lunges into pitches at times, but has shown the ability to stay inside the ball and hit the ball the other way with authority. He’s got tremendous bat speed and athletic ability, Jackson has good speed and great base running abilities. If he lives up to his potential he is a lock for 40-50 stolen bases a year. He is a smooth defender in center field with tremendous leaping ability. His arm strength is more than adequate  especially considering he makes accurate throws. He uses his quickness and athletic ability to track down balls in center. He isn’t going to hit 30 HR a season but I’ll bet on him hitting 20 and will hit allot of doubles and triples due to his speed.

I think Gardner will win the CF Job this season. Mainly because Melky for some reason is going to play in the WBC which is going to put him behind the others. Gardner showed promise with the Bat last year in his September call up however the sample is still to small to really know for sure. What we do know is like Jackson he has speed, and lots of it. If Gardner has a great season he will be hoping for a job in LF next year in the event that the Yankees don’t resign Damon. (however I think they will ) I would love to see the Yankees have a young fast defencive outfield like Gardner, Jackson and Swisher next year. Oh and to answer your other question Jeter will probably not be playing in the outfield anytime soon. But that’s a rationalization for another time.