First the injury updates:

Posada- Posada made 140 throws on monday in an effort to continue to rehab his allying shoulder following surgery. His plan is to throw a little harder this Wednesday.

Wang– After missing the final 3 + Months of the 2008 season due to a foot injury obtained running the bases, Wang has taken the mound and threw 27 pitches on Tuesday.Pitching coach Dave Eiland says “He looks good and will be full go for spring training” Wang stated that everything feels fine.

This is great news for the Yankees in order to make a run at the elusive number 27 they both need to come up big.

Now for some random news of interest. (insert music that sounds like a typewriter here)

Manny turned down a one year 25 million dollar offer made by the Dodgers.   Why are the Dodgers playing games? He is not going to take a 1-2 year deal come up with a third year or keep your insults to yourself. Does this make anyone wonder if the Yankees might make an offer or what it would take to get him. I personally don’t think an offer will be made but I’m sure Cash has talked to Boras and knows what the amount is. My best guess at a minimum 3 years 63 million. He might go for 2 with an option for more $ yearly but certainly not one year. After all ” Its all about the second year” Sorry had to throw in that Torre dig. The only way I could see this happening is if the Yankees are able to move Nady and Swisher.  Here’s a good one, apparently the Yankees have interest in Orlando Hudson. This would mean one of to things. Either one of them is going to switch positions or Cano is on the trading block.  I don’t think Cano is going anywhere, however I could see Hudson converting to CF not unlike Soriano. But looking at his stats again this seems unlikely. Last season he hit .308 but I think that is the exception and not the rule. I would be surprised if this one went down.  What do you all think, are the Yankees done making moves or does Cash still have some magic beans in his pocket?