adam1I can’t tell you what the Yankees are thinking but I’m certain they are at least entertaining the Idea. It amazes me that he is still available this late in the off season. I am kinda wishy washy about him. On one hand he has great power 40 HR every year for the last 5years. On the other hand he doesn’t hit for average .236 last year and he strikes out allot. Not to mention that he isn’t the best defender in the world. As an outfielder I say no, however If the Yankees were able to move Matsui I would be all for bringing in Dunn. If the Yankees were able to work out a trade with the Braves for Swisher or Nady or both would the Yankees consider bringing him in then? I think they might? I wish I knew what players the Braves were offering up in talks. Personally I would ask for Francour if I were Cashman. He probably isn’t available but he had a horrible season last year and the Braves sometimes make moves that most of us cannot understand so nothing would surprise me. Example they might be interested in taking back Andrew Jones if the price is right.???  Jones batted .153 last season and had 3 HR in 200 at bats, that is just bad. I guess what I’m trying to say is that when it comes to the Braves anything is possible.  One player that intrigues me is Chuck James pitching in AAA last year he was 5-5 striking out 74 in 86 innings with a 2.92 era. So I guess if I were Cash I would offer Swisher and Nady for Francour and James and then I would go out and sign Dunn. Yes I know all this seems pretty far fetched but its my blog and I’m allowed to dream. The only other thing that would make sense to me would be to sign Garciapara as a bench player he might cost a bit more than Cody Ransom but would definitely be better protection if one of the infielders were to go on the DL. I ‘m betting that he would take a one year deal at around 6 million.

Now that my dreaming is over what do you think?