Ok there are a few things that are out there that are making me slightly Ill so I thought I would share them with you now. Usually I don’t like to get caught up in all the drama that makes some Yankees Blogs soap opera blogs but I’m going to allow it just this once.

Fist of all the Joe Torre thing. Let me start by saying I was never that fond of Joe to begin with after watching him destroy the bullpen in 2006-2007 I don’t understand why the Yankees even offered him a one year deal. Countless times I remember watching a game and seeing Proctor or Vizciano come out one inning to many and saying to myself ” Self, hes got nothing left and he is gonna get shelled”. If I could see it why couldn’t he? Or his pitching coach Ron Guidry, what were his qualifications again? Oh yeah he used to be a pitcher that certainly qualifies him for the job. Anyways that being said he should have thanked his lucky stars he even was offered a one year deal. I get it that he was insulted and thats fine. Say thank you for the memorys tell the fans that they are the greatest fans on earth and go out and get another job. Don’t come back a year later with some cry baby book and throw everyone under the bus because you were insulted by a one year deal. Hopefully one day Joe will have to walk into Yankee Stadium as an opposing manager and get booed like there was no tomorrow. I’m half tempted to start a petition to have his Yankeeography pulled from airing on the YES Network.

Secondly:  Joba does not belong in the pen and you should all stop writing about it. He projects to one day being a top of the rotaion guy with three or four great pitches. In the pen its all fastballs and sliders. Would you put CC in the pen? Im sure he would be dominent as an 8th inning guy too. After this year all you doubters will be eatting your words saying ” You know Mike was right starters are more valuable and harder to come by than relievers” Some people are even saying that Joba is the #5 starter. I say WHAT?? ok in all fairness he will be on an innings limit and will be skiped when possible. But to say that Pettite at this stage of his career is a better picher than Chamberlain is just the rantings of someone who is truely intoxicated. Pettite is a workhorse that will hopefull eat up allot of innings so that Joba can end up somewheres around the 160 inning mark. (that is just my guess) With days off, the all star break and skipping him in the rotation every once in a while and letting Hughes get some innings. The Yankees should be able to use him the whole season without putting him in the bullpen.

Ok my ranting about all the drama out there is over.Lets just finish by saying if you are a true fan of the Evil Empire instead of going out and Buying Joes trash go buy a real Fans book like Confessions of a She Fan. ( Jane does this plug mean you will autograph a copy of it if I mail it to you ??  LOL <wink>)