For those of you who are new to the blog we have been comparing the big 3 in the AL east(The Yanks,Rays and the Sox)position by position. Previous comparisons were done at our old home at YankeesGuy. Here are links to the old comparisons if you want to catch up.

Catcher, First Base, Second Base,Short,Third Base, Left Field, Center Field, Right Field.

On with the show: Today we will start looking at the rotation. We start with the projected top of the rotation, or #1 guys  if you will.

For the Red Sox this would have to be Josh Beckett  now don’t get me wrong Beckett is a Talented pitcher but 2 of the last 3 years he has had an ERA over 4.00 and in 2006 it was over 5.00. Now to his credit in 2007 he was Brilliant going 20-7 with an ERA of 3.26.But then he slipped again last year giving up 172 hits in 171 innings. Many believe the measure of a good pitcher is to have less hits than innings pitched. In the post season Beckett usually does his best work going 4-0 in their 2007 championship season with an ERA of 1.20. Last year when the Sox did not win the world series he had an ERA of 8.79 and gave up 7 HR. Speaking of giving up HR this has always been a bit of a problem for Beckett who in 2006 gave up 36 home runs. If Beckett does well so do the Red Sox but I like many others believe that he is just a shell of what he once was.     Grade B-

Scott Kazmir, the Rays numero uno, is a 24 year old lefty with a ton of talent. most of the years he has been with the Rays have been plagued by being a good pitcher on a bad team and injuries. But Last year (now that the Rays are good) he was 12-8 with a 3.49 ERA. Scott is a strike out pitcher with 166 K in 152  innings last season. At 24 he has the world in front of him and if the Rays continue to be good he will probably be an ace for many years to come.  Grade A

The Yankees expensive new addition has yet to take the mound in pinstripes but if what he has done in the past is an indicator of how good he will be the Yankees will be a force in 2009. Winner of the 2007  Cy Young has racked up a record of 117-73 in seven seasons. A true workhorse pitching over 180 innings in all but one of these years and 253 in 2008. A Career Era of 3.66 he just seems to be getting better and is considered at the prime of his career. Considering that Kazmir has yet to see his prime and Beckett is past his you have to give CC an  A+

#2 guys are up next   Wang, Matsuzaka,Shields