Seems to me that working for the Yankees is kinda like being a priest in a church. Ok ok you are saying…. What?? Let’s say that you are a priest high up in the Catholic Church, maybe even a Bishop. Then let’s say that you aren’t as good of a Bishop as you once were or that the church has decided to go in a different direction. Perhaps they still like you but decide not to offer you as much money as you used to make. Then you decide to move out to …oh I don’t know… lets say LA and join a different church. Would it be in bad taste to write a book about the Pope and all the other members of the old church in a less than flattering light? Ok I apologize if I have offended any Catholics out there but you get my meaning. The Going back and selling out the people who loved you makes people want to throw up in their mouth a little. It’s even worse if you make money out of it.
Joe Torre defiled the church of the Bronx and has made himself look bad in the process and for what? Money money money, Joe If you had only asked me first I would have told you ..”Bad Idea” One can only hope that the World Series in 2009 is the Yankees vs. the Dodgers. Just like Vegas, What happens in the Bronx should stay in the Bronx.