Before we get into the Comparison of the Rotations of the Yanks,Sox,and Rays. (For those of you that are new we started comparing position by position on I want to look at the overall picture now that Andy is re-signed. The main concern was getting enough innings out of the rotation without having to start a dozen or so different pitchers. Last year was a train wreck and I think we all agree that this years rotation is a huge upgrade. My feeling on Andy is not that he is going to be some great pitcher that will lead the Yankees to the promise land but that he will eat up innings. (hopefully 200 of them) Joba chamberlain will undoubtedly have a restriction on how many innings he will pitch and the other options were Hughes, who will also be limited or signing Sheets who has always been an injury risk and probably wouldn’t go 200. Andy gives allot more flexibility and depth to the rotation.  For those of you that are calling for Joba to be sent back to the pen now that Pettite has resigned I have 2 words for you. Shut UP!!  Its not going to happen so get over it. But that’s another story. This is my prediction of the starting rotation and how many innings each pitcher will pitch in 2009.

1. CC Sabathia                   220 innings

2.Chien- Ming Wang       200 innings

3. A.J. Burnett                   190 innings

4. Joba Chaimberlain      150 innings

5. Andy Pettite                   200 innings

this is equal to 960 innings our of the starting rotation. Not really being able to predict the exact number needed for a quality starting rotation to go im going to say thats pretty close 960 innings over the course of 161 games would be around 6 innings per start per starter and that would be awesome. Granted some days you will go 4 innings and other days you will go 8. With Phil Hugues, IPK, Coke ,Igawa (whom i still havent given up on) and Aceves waiting in the wings. Im confident that the starting rotation is a done deal.